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Keiki Hawaiian Skirt Length: 40cm 9 Colours



This Grass Skirt for kids may be used for various purposes, such as costume in parties or games, or in Keiki dance classes.

A: Beige
B: Yellow
C: Orange
D: Purple
E: Green
F: Pink
G: Red
H: White
I: Light Blue

Size: Length: 40cm
Width: 60-90cm
The waist is elasticated and can be adjusted with magic tape attached to it.

Material: Polyethylene
Place of origin: China

※Colour of the product may be different from what is shown on your computer monitor.
※You may back order it when it is out of stock. Please feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg

Beige, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Pink, Red, White, Light BLue


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