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Pareo Hand Printing 【Plumeria Tiare】 Colour:Light Blue



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There are different colour choices for this pattern.
Blue background→

A must-have item for Tahitian Dance lessons or Hula Dance costume.
It may also be hanged on the wall of your home, or draped over the sofa or the bed, to create a tropical feel. If you like you may use it as beach Pareo or beach mat, or many other occasions.

The material used to create this pareo is a very soft and gentle rayon, which is less likely to wrinkle.
The pareos are each hand-printed using popular, classic, and unique stylish designs.

Full-size Pareo
about 120 cm x 170 cm ±5cm
(without fringes)

How to wash:
Hand wash and hang-dry the cloth in the shade.

Rayon 100%


Item other than Pareo in the photo are on sale separately.

You may also choose to include gift wrapping for this item Please visit here→

– Colour of the product may be different from what is shown on your computer monitor.
– There may be slight differences in size and shape as all Pareos are hand-made.
– The product and hand made overseas so it may lose colour or the dyeing may be uneven. There may also be slight imperfections in sewing and weaving.
– There may also be slight differences in the colour due to differences in dyeing time, weather and production cycle.
– If the product is uncleaned for a long time, the dyes may fade or stains may be created. Please hand wash the product and do not mix with other clothings.
Please take note of the above and thank you in advance for your understanding.



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