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Pā’ū Skirt made by Hawaiian fabric – Ohia lehua PINK –


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Semi Custom made skirt for Hula dancers ” Pā’ū ”

Length : Any length between 60cm~90cm
          (2.5cm as an interval, e.g. you may order 60cm,62.5cm,65cm,67.5cm, etc.)
Skirt volume : 4 yards
Elastic bands : Any bands between 1 to 4 bands
Material : 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
Place of Origin
Fabric: Big island of Hawaii
Garment : Hong Kong

※Skirts are made to order and manufacture will take 1-2 weeks
Colour of the product may be different from what is shown on your computer monitor.
Please take note of the above and thank you in advance for your understanding.



pau skirt (1band), pau skirt (2bands), pau skirt (3bands), pau skirt (4bands)

Skirt Length

60cm, 62.5cm, 65cm, 67.5cm, 70cm, 72.5cm, 75cm, 77.5cm, 80cm, 82.5cm, 85cm, 87.5cm, 90cm



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